The four research groups

CSGB joins the following four internationally recognized Danish research groups:

  • AU-math: stochastic geometry group
    Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University
  • AU-bio: section for stereology and microscopy
    Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University
  • AAU: spatial statistics group
    Department of Mathematical Sciences, Aalborg University
  • KU: image section
    Department of Computer Science, Copenhagen University

The four research groups possess complementary competences, needed for the interdisciplinary research projects running at CSGB. It is noteworthy that within the short geographical distances in Denmark, competences in the key disciplines of CSGB are available.

Collaboration between groups

During the first funding period, CSGB has become a fruitful environment for mutual interaction between the four research groups.

Especially, the projects involving analysis of concrete bioimaging data require the involvement of two or more groups. Examples from the first funding period are projects dealing with

  • the minicolumn hypothesis in the cerebral cortex of the brain
  • protein interactions inferred from FRET data
  • the density and level of repulsion of vesicles in the presynaptic area

The second funding period, that started in 2015, involves an intensified collaboration between the four research groups, drawing on the experience from the first funding period.

atmospheric image