In the second funding period of CSGB that started in 2015 we take advantage of the established collaborative structure of CSGB and the increased international collaboration. Important research topics are

  • tensor valuations in stochastic geometry
  • modelling and statistical inference in non-Euclidean spaces
  • analysis of concrete bioimaging data

Research plan - diagram

The research is organized in six work packages and illustrated in a diagram showing the many connections between the planned projects. See the research overview.

More specifically, we focus on

Tensor valuations in stochastic geometry – we study

  • integral geometry of tensors
  • role of tensors in stochastic modelling
  • estimation of tensors from observations in digital grey-value images

Inference in non-Euclidean spaces - we consider

  • point processes on linear networks and directed graphs
  • deformation modelling and statistics of deformations
  • models for random trees

Concrete bioimaging data - we analyze new data from

  • diffusion weighted imaging
  • confocal microscopy
  • super-resolution fluorescence imaging
  • scanning and cryo-electron microscopy